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Here are the facts, Work Cover is on the rise and more and more employees are getting injured on the job. If we are unable to curb our current ways, injuries within the workplace will become more and more prevalent. Work environments are strenuous and do in time create injuries and spinal deformations. These problems are occurring rapidly and companies are now paying the price. Another serious condition on this rise is mild mental disorders such as anxiety and breakdowns. Why? Because we live in an incredibly stressful period and we no longer take the time out we need to support our mental health.

Injuries can be prevented; this is our specialty.

At Work in Motion we help to de-stress clients and train their bodies to aid them long term. Our bodies were made to move, our minds free to wonder. A lack of physical movement impacts not only our bodies, but also our mental state and vice versa. Work in Motion is dedicated to self-managing this growing problem. We believe that with our knowledge, unique skill sets and innovative programming, we can make a world of difference.

Enquire today and see how we can empower your workforce and maximise your company’s growth and development.

A few words from our clients

I put my trust in Liam as I began training with several injuries consisting of my shoulders, hip and toe. To my great relief he observed the physical limits that my body could handle and gently guided me through to a full recovery. I can confidently recommend him as a trainer with compassion and an expert knowledge of physiology. Someone who you can trust to get you out of pain and onto the right path of future pain prevention (and he’s a nice guy too ☺)

Christina Jonkhoff
IT Trainer, Masters Counseling Student