The story of WIM

Hi, my name is Liam, I am the founder of Work in Motion and this is our story. I decided to create this brand for two reasons; the first being my passion to help others and the second, a growing demand and concern going unnoticed. Allow me to explain, after years as a Fitness Professional providing aid to individuals and small groups, I realised that my work with new clients was becoming less fitness oriented and more rehabilitation focused. I wanted to know what was causing this so I initiated my own research investigating into the lifestyle factors that could be contributing. It hit me instantly. I made a correlation between client injuries and their postural abnormalities, and their workplace environment and specific job role.

It amazed me not only how similar their problems were, but also how frequently they were occurring. I then grew frustrated. I was continually noticing members with underlying conditions training in gyms, doing all the wrong exercises for their condition and eventuating in injuries. Even worse, seeing trainers teaching wrong technique and not differentiating exercises for their varying clientele. It was at this point that my frustration turned into concern and I knew that something needed to be done. I knew that I could prevent this from occurring mainstream, but to do so I needed access into client’s workplaces and for such a growing problem I needed a large solution. Thus, my project ‘Work in Motion’ was launched. My desire to make a difference in people’s lives has now transpired into a obsession, one I hope to spread like wild fire to every single workplace.

At Work in Motion we are dedicated to one thing, creating a healthier workforce. We want people to be living extraordinary lives, packed full of enjoyment. We are making well-being and life balance  more attainable to all those with who are time poor. Ask yourself this question, ‘How good a boss would you be’?

We also realise for any investment, there needs to also be a return, a bang for your buck. It will comfort you to know that all of the work we do, transpires into increased productivity, profit and growth for your organisation in the long-term, that is the result of a happier and healthier workforce. That is what you get out of Work in Motion.

Enquire today and see how we can empower your workforce to maximise it’s growth and development.


A few words from our clients

Just a quick note to say thank you for being such a great trainer in the last 12 months. At times it felt like I was training with a Physio ! I was amazed at how technical you were with your training approach which helped me avoid injuries and learn good technique.

I've come a long way in the last year so thanks for everything and good luck in the future.

Fiona Mckay
Quality Systems Supervisor, Bard Australia