A friendly consultation that you can’t do without. View the workplace from the eyes of a health professional.

We will help you to identify current and future risk factors within the workplace opening your eyes to trends which lead to injuries, pains and strains as well as highlight some of the tools which could be used to boost revenue and reduce cost.

We can not only help you greatly benefit your staff both physically and Mentally, but also through the same process greatly enhance your staffs productivity and your businesses profitability.

A few words from our clients

I am very fortunate to have had Liam Correy as my Personal Trainer for over a year now. My initial consultation with Liam centered on a plan to correct poor posture and rehabilitation for a deteriorated disc in my neck.

From the start Liam has had an excellent understanding of my fitness goals and has continually developed effective training plans that have been extremely challenging and which have delivered in terms of my fitness and amazing results in the rehabilitation of neck injury.

Liam’s is a mature and highly motivated individual. He is passionate about fitness and rehabilitation. His professional approach and extensive knowledge of fitness and rehabilitation is the best I have ever encountered after many years involvement with fitness trainers. Liam has encouraged me as an individual to want to do well and exceed my own fitness goals.

I find Liam’s guidance and personal training goes beyond the regular PT. His suggestions and professional advice on additional training, nutrition and tips for pre/post training have all contributed to me achieving a more balanced lifestyle and an extended period of very good health

Stav Berrebi
CEO Virgous