We offer after work training sessions for those staff member wishing to push their limits with the guidance of our certified trainers. We will ensure that your staff are able to train hard gaining all the benefits a healthier lifestyle has to offer, without the risk of injury. We will provide ongoing support and training programs.

Benefits Include:

  • Reduce workcover premiums through a proven track record.
  • Decrease overall cost and frequency of workers compensation.
  • Raise workplace morale.
  • Reduce workplace injuries.
  • Increase the retention of employees.
  • Improve mental health.
  • Reduce sick days & absenteeisms.
  • Improve health and wellbeing of staff.
  • Increase workers productivity.
  • Work to promote healthy awareness leading to reduced smoke breaks ect.
  • Return on investment
  • Team work of employees.


A few words from our clients

I put my trust in Liam as I began training with several injuries consisting of my shoulders, hip and toe. To my great relief he observed the physical limits that my body could handle and gently guided me through to a full recovery. I can confidently recommend him as a trainer with compassion and an expert knowledge of physiology. Someone who you can trust to get you out of pain and onto the right path of future pain prevention (and he’s a nice guy too ☺)

Christina Jonkhoff
IT Trainer, Masters Counseling Student