We are committed to providing wellness programs that actually makes a difference to the health of your employees and the overall function of your business. Our proven methodologies allow us to not only improve the health and wellness of your staff, but in also reducing lost revenue through sick leave and compensations caused through injuries.

We do this by physically improving your employees health and well-being. Through the implementation of our structured training sessions we can specifically target problem areas of your staff. Typically these revolve around poor posture, poor circulation, low energy and harmful coping mechanisms.

We can help recover and prevent lost money from absentees, injury compensations and hefty work cover premiums, whilst simultaneously increasing your investment through improving your employees job performance, enhancing their fatigue and stress management and enhancing energy levels.

Our programs are affordable and we offer different packages to cater to our clients needs. They deliver on quality and we know your staff will love them.

We know that your are going to love them. We believe you will not only see the benefits you’re giving back to your staff, but also a return on your investment. We do not expect you to take our word for it, that’s why for a limited time we are offering you 3 sessions for the price of 1.

That is 3 for 1 for a limited time.

Simply drop us an inquiry through our contact page and one of our consultants will get back to you as soon as possible.


A few words from our clients

I am very fortunate to have had Liam Correy as my Personal Trainer for over a year now. My initial consultation with Liam centered on a plan to correct poor posture and rehabilitation for a deteriorated disc in my neck.

From the start Liam has had an excellent understanding of my fitness goals and has continually developed effective training plans that have been extremely challenging and which have delivered in terms of my fitness and amazing results in the rehabilitation of neck injury.

Liam’s is a mature and highly motivated individual. He is passionate about fitness and rehabilitation. His professional approach and extensive knowledge of fitness and rehabilitation is the best I have ever encountered after many years involvement with fitness trainers. Liam has encouraged me as an individual to want to do well and exceed my own fitness goals.

I find Liam’s guidance and personal training goes beyond the regular PT. His suggestions and professional advice on additional training, nutrition and tips for pre/post training have all contributed to me achieving a more balanced lifestyle and an extended period of very good health

Stav Berrebi
CEO Virgous